Wisteria sinensis | Chinese Wisteria


Walking through a profusely blooming sea of blue flowers and hearing the buzzing of bees? That is possible with the Wisteria sinensis, which has an exuberant blue flowering display.

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Climbing Plant

The Wisteria sinensis, also known as the Blue Rain, is a profusely blooming climbing plant often found winding over pergolas or against walls.


Growth and Pruning Method

The growth pattern of the Wisteria sinensis is always towards the light. If planted under a tree, it will quickly grow upward to reach the top of the tree to enjoy sunlight. The Blue Rain requires good support to climb upwards. The plant's growth strength is tremendous, demanding proper maintenance. Pruning it up to twice a year to keep it in shape is not uncommon for this climbing plant.



It is possible for the Wisteria sinensis to bloom up to twice a year, first in May and second in September.

It may also happen that the Wisteria sinensis does not bloom at all. Don't panic. It's possible that the Blue Rain may not show its flowers in the first year after planting but may take several years. You can assist the plant by providing some extra nutrients.


  • Flower color

  • Blooming months

  • Leaf color

  • Location

    Sun-semi shade
  • Evergreen

    Not wintergreen
  • Pot size

  • Mature Height

    8-10 meters
  • Winter Hardiness



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