Planting Instructions Amitis

Here are the planting instructions for the unique trees from Amitis:


1: Remove the shipping packaging and check for any damages.

If you're not planting the tree immediately, store it in a place protected from the wind and frost, and don't forget to water it regularly.


2: Determine the final location of the tree and ensure that it is free from cables, debris, old plantings, and other things that may hinder the tree's growth.


3: Dig a planting hole that is twice the width of the root ball, and thoroughly loosen the soil at the bottom of the planting hole. Mix the excavated soil with soil amendments such as (organic) garden soil or planting soil.

Note: Always dig the planting hole just before planting to prevent it from filling with water when you plant the tree.


4: Make the planting hole deep enough to accommodate the delivered root ball, and press the soil firmly.


5: Fill the planting hole with water and wait until it has soaked into the soil.


6: If applicable, remove the pot from the root ball by gently squeezing the bottom of the pot and lifting the young tree out.


7: Check if the root ball is sufficiently moist. If necessary, moisten the root ball, and pay attention to thick roots that may be circling the root ball. If present, cut them.


8: Place the tree or plant in the planting hole so that the top of the root ball is level with or an inch below the edge of the planting hole.

It is crucial not to plant the tree too deep, as it may lead to root rot. Planting too high is also not ideal, as the root ball may dry out quickly, causing the tree to die.


9: Fill the planting hole with the amended soil, ensuring that the root ball is neatly surrounded. Finish the top neatly for a beautiful end result.


10: Install a tree stake or bamboo stake securely in the ground on the side of the tree facing the most wind (in an open field, this is the southwest side). Attach the tree to the stake with a tree tie or, in the case of a bamboo stake, with binding wire.

For young trees up to 1.5 meters, a sturdy bamboo stake tied next to the tree is sufficient.


11: Now, place the watering ring or create a small berm of soil around the tree so that water can penetrate the ground near the tree.

Now, water the tree again to ensure the soil is thoroughly moist.

Continue to monitor and water the tree regularly during the first 2 years after planting. These are the years when the tree cannot yet meet its water needs independently.

Always check if the soil is moist at a depth of 10 to 20 cm by feeling whether the soil is slightly cohesive and moist.

If not, water should be applied until the soil at that depth feels moist again.

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