Bamboo sticks | Tonkin sticks

Bamboo sticks are the ideal companions for nurturing young trees into mature ones by securing them to the stick.

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Dried Bamboo Sticks

Bamboo sticks or Tonkin sticks, as they are also called, are dried sticks from a bamboo species that originally grows in China or Vietnam.


Strong Bamboo Sticks

Bamboo sticks are incredibly strong, hardly expand, and do not shrink. What is also very important: the bamboo plant does not die after the cutting of the sticks but immediately produces new shoots.


What are the bamboo sticks used for?

These bamboo sticks are imported to Germany, where they are used to cultivate young trees or to create trellises. The sticks are also widely used as bean poles in vegetable gardens or for activities involving constructions.



For use with a tree, the stick is firmly pressed into the ground next to the tree trunk. Then the tree is securely tied to the stick with wire, ensuring it grows straight upward and stands firmly.


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