Pouring edge green 30cm high

The pouring edge is used for watering newly planted trees. By using it, water can be administered more efficiently, allowing the tree to make optimal use of the water.

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Can be planted throughout the year

Easy and Effective Watering

More and more people are opting to install a pouring edge when planting trees. This makes it easy to provide good and effective watering for young trees, as the water can seep into the soil calmly, in and around the root ball.



The pouring edge is delivered as one piece. Dig the pouring edge about 10 cm deep around the tree's root ball and ensure that it stands neatly and fits well around the tree's root ball. The loose ends can be overlapped and nailed or screwed to the tree stakes between which the pouring edge is attached. Then firmly press the soil on both sides of the pouring edge so that it is securely enclosed.


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