Planting Trees All Year Round

Spring and Autumn:

Most trees are sold and planted in spring or autumn.

This is mainly because many trees are planted with balled roots.


Balled-Root Trees:

Balled-root trees are grown in the open ground at a tree nursery, allowing the tree to be planted only when it is in a dormant state.

The tree is dormant during the winter period, which begins in autumn and ends in spring.



However, all young trees from Amitis are grown in containers, meaning they have their complete root system in the growing pot.

Therefore, it is possible to plant trees all year round because the roots are already in the supplied growing pot.


So, if you want to plant a tree not only in spring or autumn:

Choose one of Amitis' young trees, which can be planted throughout the year due to container cultivation.


Winter Period:

The winter period is an excellent time to plant a tree because the soil around the root ball of the planted tree can settle calmly before the tree starts growing and developing roots in spring. However, note that a tree cannot be planted when the ground is frozen.


Summer Period:

Planting in the summer period is also possible. Only plant trees that have been container-grown and provide them with sufficient water, checking this daily during warm weather.

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