Treestart Planting Sachets

Give your tree or plant a Treestart sachet. This adds essential nutrients to the soil, increasing the chances of successful establishment for your tree or plant. Easily apply by mixing the contents of a sachet with the soil in the planting hole.

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Can be planted throughout the year

Quick establishment and strong growth

The composition of TreeStart ensures rapid establishment in the first year and robust growth in the subsequent years.


How TreeStart works

Once the plant begins to grow, TreeStart becomes active. With the initial root growth, essential soil fungi in TreeStart form a symbiosis with the roots to ensure healthy growth. The bacteria in TreeStart are essential for plants by releasing minerals, binding nitrogen, and breaking down organic materials. The fertilizers in the sachets are of plant and natural origin. The addition of natural fulvic acid enhances plant uptake. The collaboration of mycorrhiza and a moisture binder ensures high stress tolerance under dry and wet conditions.


How to use

Mix the contents of the Treestart sachet evenly with the soil used to fill the planting hole.



The product attracts moisture and is therefore delivered in a sealed plastic bag. If not used immediately, store in a dry, frost-free place away from direct sunlight. Outside the packaging, Treestart may become firm due to moisture absorption, but this does not affect its effectiveness.



  • For trees or plants with a height of 100 to 200 cm, mix the contents of 2 sachets with the soil in the planting hole.
  • For trees or plants with a height of up to 100 cm, mix the contents of 1 sachet with the soil in the planting hole.


Product benefits:

• Easy application
• Contains necessary soil biology
• Biodegradable sachet
• Contains a natural mycorrhiza stimulator
• Prevents nitrogen leaching
• Improves post-planting growth
• Increases stress tolerance


Vegetable fertilizer 33.30%
Stone meal 17.78%
Fulvic Dry 8.89%
Hydrogel 8.22%
Natural phosphate 2.22%
Rhizobacteria 0.62%
Mycorrhiza spores 0.46%
Formononetin 0.01%
Inactive ingredients 28.50%


Health and safety information

Not intended for ingestion. Wash hands after use. In case of an accident or if feeling unwell, consult a doctor. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.


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