Young Strawberry Tree | Arbutus unedo


No real strawberries, but fruits that resemble them and are edible. That is the fruit of the Arbutus unedo, also known as the Strawberry Tree.

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The Arbutus unedo, also known as the Strawberry Tree, is a medium-sized tree. Under optimal conditions, this strawberry tree can reach a height of 8 meters at maturity.


Leaf Color

The leaves of the Arbutus unedo are dark green and glossy, giving the tree a beautiful and fresh appearance.



The Arbutus, or Strawberry Tree, is a particularly attractive plant thanks to its unique flowers and fruits. This tree stands out with its bell-shaped, white to pink flowers that emit a delicate fragrance. After flowering, the Strawberry Tree develops its characteristic fruits, resembling small strawberries. These fruits are not only notable for their appearance but are also edible, with a sweet, slightly tart taste. The combination of attractive flowers and unique fruits makes the Strawberry Tree a real eye-catcher in any garden.



The trunk acquires a beautiful appearance in later years with a gray to brown color and peeling bark.



In the month of October, when most other plants and trees prepare for winter, small white flower calyxes appear. These hang in clusters on the tree. Subsequently, round, orange-red fruits resembling strawberries emerge. The fruits may take up to a year to fully develop, so there might be fruits from the previous year still hanging when the tree is in bloom again.



The tree is self-pollinating, meaning the Arbutus unedo contains both male and female parts that can be pollinated, for example, by bees or bumblebees.


Garden Design with a Strawberry Tree

The Arbutus, or Strawberry Tree, offers versatile applications in garden and landscape designs. Here are some ideas for integrating the Strawberry Tree into your garden:

  • The Strawberry Tree as a centerpiece in your garden: Let the Strawberry Tree shine as the central centerpiece in your garden. With its enchanting blossoms, remarkable strawberry-like fruits, and evergreen foliage, this tree is guaranteed to be the talk of your garden.
  • A tasty addition to edible gardens: The Strawberry Tree is not only a feast for the eyes but also a delight for the taste buds. Its fruits are a delicious addition to any edible garden, where it can grow alongside other fruit-bearing plants and vegetables.
  • Mediterranean flair with drought resistance: Perfect for gardens inspired by the charming style of the Mediterranean, the Strawberry Tree is exceptionally drought-resistant, making it ideal for landscapes requiring low maintenance yet visually appealing.
  • A harmonious addition in mixed borders: Integrate the Strawberry Tree into your mixed borders for a harmonious garden design. Its height and structure complement beautifully with low-growing shrubs and flowering perennials, resulting in a garden full of color and diversity.

Care for Your Strawberry Tree

The Strawberry Tree is a relatively low-maintenance tree, but here are some tips to keep it healthy and attractive:

  • Water Needs: Water the Strawberry Tree regularly, but ensure that the soil dries out well between waterings. The tree is drought-tolerant and does not require excessive watering.
  • Fertilization: Fertilize the Strawberry Tree in spring with a balanced fertilizer to promote growth and flowering.
  • Pruning: Prune the Strawberry Tree if necessary to maintain the desired shape and to remove dead or damaged branches. It is best to prune lightly, as the tree does not respond well to heavy pruning.
  • Frost Protection: Although the Strawberry Tree can tolerate some frost, it is advisable to protect young trees from severe frost.
  • Disease and Pest Control: Inspect the tree regularly for signs of diseases or pests and treat as needed.


How to plant the tree?

  1. Determine the final location of the tree and ensure it is free from cables, debris, old plants, and other obstacles that may hinder the tree's growth.
  2. Dig a planting hole that is twice the width of the root ball. Loosen the soil at the bottom of the planting hole and mix the excavated soil with (organic) garden soil or planting substrate.
  3. Adjust the planting hole to the height where the root ball fits and firmly press the soil.
  4. Fill the planting hole with water and wait for it to settle. Check if the root ball is sufficiently moist.
  5. Place the tree or plant in the planting hole. It is extremely important that the tree is not planted too deep, as this can cause root rot.
  6. Insert a tree stake or bamboo stake firmly into the ground on the side of the tree where the most wind comes from.
  7. Now, place the watering ring or create a mound of soil around the tree so that water can seep into the ground.


Why Choose a Young Tree from Amitis

  • Easy to plant yourself due to the compact size and light weight
  • Conveniently delivered to your home in a sturdy packaging
  • Experience the growth and development of your own tree
  • Easy to maintain
  • Cultivate the size and growth form you are looking for
  • Attain mature size within a short time
  • Can be planted year-round as everything is delivered in pots
  • No root loss and better chances of establishment as everything is pot-grown
  • Cost-effective purchase
  • Fresh, healthy plants directly from the grower



Want to know more about pruning? Read our page on tree maintenance! Feel free to contact us; we are happy to assist!


  • Flower color

  • Flowering months

  • Location

    Sun semi-shade
  • Fruits

    Round edible fruits
  • Evergreen

  • Winter hardiness

    Moderately winter-hardy
  • Leaf color in summer

  • Leaf color in autumn



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